03 Mar The Benefits of Good Project Management in the Power Industry

Without proper planning, delegation and accountability, projects can go very wrong, resulting in wasted time, unhappy clients and financial losses. It is therefore highly beneficial to appoint someone to manage a project from start to finish and here are just some of the reasons why:


Having a project manager means everyone knows who they need to report to. The project manager can delegate tasks effectively, report on progress updates and follow up on any issues quickly. Time is not wasted trying to work out who is doing what, duplicating reports or sourcing unnecessary information.

Without having a project manager to coordinate tasks there is nobody to take accountability for things not getting done. A project manager can keep everything on track and manage the budget, timeframes and resources, ensuring the project is less likely to fail.


Effective project management allows for consistency in your business. After projects have been planned once, the same structure can be applied to similar projects going forward.

Project management encourages consistent reporting and communication between your team and with customers.

Client Satisfaction

Project management improves productivity, efficiency and quality. This leads to greater customer satisfaction. You can meet the expectations of your clients on time. This creates customer loyalty, repeat business and improved reputation; all of which increase sales and profits.

Competitive edge

With strong project management in place, your business will run more effectively and efficiently. This frees up time to invest in research, development and innovation. This gives you the opportunity to get ahead of your competitors and become industry leaders.

As your client satisfaction improves you’ll win more business over your competitors and secure a better position in the market.

Reduce risk

During the project planning stage, many of the potential risks will become apparent allowing you to deal with these proactively rather than reactively.

As the project develops, your project manager will be constantly reviewing the different aspects of the project. Any inconsistencies, issues or new risk will be picked up on sooner. Without a project manager, risks could go unnoticed and lead to increased costs, wasted resources or poor use of time.

Increased productivity

Effective management automatically leads to higher motivation within a team which leads to increased productivity. Having a project manager makes things simpler as your team know exactly what the expectations are and who to report in to.

Delegating responsibilities to staff during projects gives them the opportunity to develop their skills and knowledge. By investing in people development you create a stronger workforce.

Benefits of N-ERGY project management

At N-ERGY, we have a team of specialist project managers who are dedicated to ensuring your time and money are being used efficiently.

We are accredited by the Association for Project Management so you can have complete confidence in our ability to provide the most effective and efficient project management solutions.

Projects we can assist with include:

We are one of the world’s leading engineering power consultancy companies and are specialists in renewable energy.

Our aim is to design, engineer and deliver the most effective and efficient solutions in line with your vision and requirement. If you’d like to benefit from our extensive expertise and project management solutions then contact our team today to find out more.

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