Our dedicated service team specialise in the maintenance and repair of generators, diesel and gas reciprocating engines, CHP, and balance of plant including flares, switchgear and transformers.

From emergency repairs to ongoing maintenance and operations contracts, our fully-qualified engineers are ready for any eventuality.

We offer a wide range of operational and maintenance (O&M) contracts for renewable energy and power generation industries across the UK.

Just some of the benefits of working with N-ERGY include:

  • A choice of 5, 10, and 15-year contract plans
  • Tailored service options to suit the project’s industry and requirements
  • Guaranteed availability options for different plants
  • Four-hour call out 
  • In-depth technical support 24 hours a day
  • Remote monitoring of sites for faster response and diagnosis

Our fully trained engineers and technicians are located in key locations around the UK. They are fully trained on all engine types and have attended factory training courses.

Waste to Energy

Using waste to generate electricity is a great way for the operator and local authorities to solve waste disposal issues and generate revenue.

N-ERGY maintains generators and engines in tip-top condition to ensure they reliably generate electricity with minimum downtime. A long-term maintenance contract ensures that the equipment is always delivering its best return on investment.

We offer a full service for both Waste to Energy and landfill based generating assets:

  • Routine servicing and maintenance of gas reciprocating engines
  • Maintaining the balance of plant including flares, switchgear, transformers and control systems
  • Optimising the heat recovery system to enhance revenues
  • Remote monitoring and support 24/7

Call us on 0113 440 1010 and our maintenance team will offer you a customised maintenance contract based on your special needs. 

Farming & Agriculture

Farm-based AD plants (also known as Biomass) generate valuable additional revenue. However, sustaining the revenue 24/7 can be a challenge.  

Here at N-ERGY, we support clients to ensure getting the highest return on investment by offering a total solution. We have partnered with AMUR to offer a cost-effective program of digester health checks. This ensures the gas produced is of the highest quality possible coupled with a service plan by our maintenance team to help the client get a better return on investment.

Energy Revenue

Get the best return on investment by maximising your energy sale price. We aggregate lots of smaller sites to get a higher unit price than is available to a single unit.

Service & Maintenance

A service and maintenance contract from N-ERGY ensures your engine runs at peak performance. But without good quality gas, your engine won’t deliver the return on investment.

Gas Quality

Engine performance and revenue are closely linked to the quality of the gas. AMUR, in partnership with N-ERGY, offer a health-check on your digester contents and provide advice to get the best gas yield.

Call us on 0113 440 1010 and our team will give you advice and help you increase your return on investment. 

Commercial & Industrial Property

We offer service and maintenance solutions for standby emergency generators and UPS, CHP, both diesel and gas engines, and rotary solutions. Where high availability is key, a service and maintenance solution ensure the plant is available 24/7, 365 days per year. We offer remote monitoring and operation to enable quick diagnosis of any issues in the event of non-availability when needed. 

Our maintenance team offers remote monitoring and diagnosis and is spread throughout the UK for a quick response. Call us on 0113 440 1010 and our team will handle your inquiry. 

Hospitals, Universities & Local Authorities

N-ERGY provides services and maintenance contracts for Generators and CHP for all types of organisations whether it be a hospital, leisure centre, university energy centre or any other facility.

We ensure the engine is at peak performance and efficiency, providing both electrical energy and heat energy as originally designed. Our dedicated engineers and technicians provide the best possible support with full remote monitoring, four-hour call outs and technical support helplines. 

Call us on 0113 440 1010 if your CHP or generators need maintenance. 

Power Generation Plants

N-ERGY provides service, maintenance and care solutions to maintain generating equipment at its most efficient, delivering safe reliable power. Whether it be diesel or gas reciprocating engines or steam turbines, we have expert technicians to support the project needs.

N-ERGY takes a holistic view of the overall plant and can maintain the balance of plant including switchgear, transformers and control systems associated with the generating plant.

Call our team on 0113 440 1010 if your power plant needs servicing. 

Battery Storage & Renewables

Maintenance requirements for battery storage systems are minimal. However, a regular health check of the cells and the overall system ensures the equipment is in the best possible condition and maintains high availability.

We also offer routine maintenance and tests of the switchgear, transformers and balance of plant.

Call us on 0113 440 1010 if your project needs maintenance and our team will assist you.