Renewable Energy Consultants & Consultancy

Renewable Energy Consultants & Consultancy

Renewable Energy Consultants & Experts



Hydropower is by far the largest and oldest place to find renewable power around the world. Our teams have been serving clients in this market for an extended period of time.  With customers in the UK, Europe, and even in North America, we’ve helped to either build or revitalise existing hydropower sites around the world as a best renewable energy consultants & consultancy. Our plans will help to solve any problems with hydropower to ensure that revenues are increased and costs are reduced.


We will be able to help plan new developments for hydroelectric components and we will also be able to upgrade existing hydroelectric compounds to make them modernised.  There will be analyses of energy, condition assessments for the facilities, efficiency testing, electrical design, structural design, project management, and more.  As a team, we will be able to work together to present a project that is logical, useful, and technically sound.  It will also be detailed and comprehensive to make sure that it fits all of your requirements.  Also, we take the legal, regulatory, and technical aspects into account when we design our plans. With the ability to use natural resources to generate power, it is an economically and ecologically friendly practice.



Combined Heat and Power


With the use of our combined heat and power experience, we are able to help you generate both electricity and useful heat simultaneously. N-ERGY Limited, the UK’s largest renewable energy consultants has worked with many clients around the world to implement CHP installations.  Whether you are interested in using biomass, natural gas, coal, or municipal waste, our engineers and planners will help you to devise the best solution possible.  Coal fired plants, gas fired cogeneration, biomass fired plants, and waste to energy are just some of the specialty services that we provide.


As one of the oldest ways to generate electricity, combined heat and power has been used before central stations.  Over the years it has progressed to where our clients are now able to reduce their CO2 emissions and avoid other pollutants from affecting the environment.  On average, you can expect to have a 20% reduction in emissions with the use of CHP.


Energy efficiency is also important to make sure that your costs are properly managed. With the opportunity to capture all of the heat that would otherwise be wasted, you will be making the most out of your money and your time.  Not to mention that you will also have the ability to integrate both domestically produced fuels and renewable fuels.



Wind Power


As one of the highest priorities around the world, finding sources for clean and reliable energy is another aspect that our team specialises in.  Wind power is one of the most efficient ways to gather power from a natural resource and thus, is one of the most popular power industries in the world.


We will help you to play a key role in wind capacity within your region as we assist with site research, the engineering design, project management, environmental assessments, construction supervision, and many other services.


If you are looking for the best way to produce energy without having to worry about combusting fossil fuels or natural gasses, wind power is the right choice for your venture.  This is mostly due to the fact that wind turbines help to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases in the air which in turn, reduced the amount of emissions that are released into our atmosphere.


Wind power is in abundance throughout the world and countries have seen an increase of wind power over recent years.  As an example, the United States had a 30% increase in wind power over 10 years.  It is a sustainable form of energy as the atmosphere, Earth’s rotation, and the sun are all responsible for creating wind.



Solar Power


Confined as unique renewable energy consultants there are many services that we can help you with when you are interested in integrating solar power into your venture.  We will help you with due diligence (commercial, environmental, and technical), construction management, design and development, and more.  Our highly skilled personnel is always available and each employee has above-industry average experience, helping to make the process substantially easier.


Much like other forms of energy, solar energy is quite sustainable and it is a renewable resource.  Not only will you never run out of this useful power source, but you will also be able to take advantage of as little maintenance as possible.  Depending on the venture, you may also enjoy the fact that solar energy helps to increase efficiency and lower your operating costs.


Competitive edge is extremely important in various industries and in order to make your project the frontility for both private and public sectors. It is also one of the most modern forms of power generation which will help to prove that your company is up-to-date with the best and current trends.



Energy from Waste Power


As a society, it is important to gather as many sustainable energy supplies as possible and energy from waste power is a great way to manage finite resources and any waste.  When you combine our plans for your facility plus advanced recycling methods, you will have a useful way to create energy from waste.


We will help to identify your needs and to develop the best business model possible.  With the combination of optimal business requirements and our technical solutions, your objectives will certainly be met.  Also, you will have a larger insight into local markets.


We will either design a brand new infrastructure for your project or we can upgrade an existing facility to transform it into a waste to energy plant.


Our team has encountered an ample amount of success in this industry not only in the design and engineering areas but also with regulations. You will be able to get a world-class design to help you generate power from items that would otherwise be classified as “waste”.  Not only will you be recycling things in the environment, but you will also have an extensive collection of items that can be used to generate power in countries around the globe.



Bio Mass


In our years of collaborating with clients, we have completed projects that help to recovery sources of energy from many feedstocks filled with biomass components.  Whether it is bone meal, peat, sewage, grain from distilleries, or straw, our projects have helped to sufficiently create energy out of these materials.


Our services will give you a technical advisor, engineer, and owner’s engineer all at once to ensure that the construction of your facility is a simple process and state-of-the-art.  We will provide due diligence assessments and handle all aspects of the project that you are interested in pursuing. Our team is up-to-date with the latest trends in bio mass energy and we have a concise understanding of many opportunities that you may want to take advantage of, ranging from the Feed-in Tariff to the Renewable Heat Incentive.


Bio Mass can be substantially cleaner than other forms of creating energy, such as the ones that require the combustion of fossil fuels. If you are looking for an innovative and modern approach to energy production, consider the ample amount of finite resources that are readily available around the world.  Not only is it a clean way to create energy but it can also be cost effective and finding the right materials for bioenergy can be simple with the help of our cultivation ideas.

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