N-ERGY Invited to Speak at Electrify Europe in Vienna, Austria

Identified as leaders in their field, N-ERGY MD, David Bowman and Energy Research Analyst, Ayah Alfawaris are invited to speak at Electrify Europe, between 19th and 21st June, a conference that brings together some of the world’s most influential industry leaders.

Electrify Europe is the world’s first event dedicated to the convergence underway between the power generation and transmission and distribution sectors, driven by digitalisation, decarbonisation, decentralisation and electrification.

N-ERGY founder and managing director, David Bowman, said: “It’s a real privilege to be invited to attend Electrify Europe. It’s recognition of our growing reputation as a business and a credit to the work undertaken by our growing team in recent months.

“Our work takes us throughout the UK and across Europe, and we are relishing the opportunity to share ideas and host discussions with colleagues from across the industry.

Research Analyst, Ayah Alfawaris, who has extensive experience in Renewable Energy and Energy Regulations and Legislations will be a panellist on the 19th in the 'EU Regulations: Future Framework' panel. She will share N-ERGY views and experience with UK Capacity Market regulations and clean growth strategy. Ayah will be joined by industry leaders from Austria, Portugal, and Belgium. 

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