Gas to Grid

Gas to Grid

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N-ergy are renewable energy consultants providing advice and guidance on all of your renewable energy requirements. N-ergy are experts in the biomethane gas-to-grid process, whereby renewable gas is injected into the UK’s gas grid.



As you are probably aware, the UK is committed to meeting a target of 15% of our energy from renewables by 2020 and the Department of Energy & Climate Change (“DECC”) has set out how we can do this, earlier this year, in the Renewable Energy Strategy (“RES”)



In 2015, there were 23 biomethane-to-grid connection, making the UK, the fastest growing market in the world for this technology.



With continued high levels of growth expected, N-ergy’s renewable energy consultants are able to guide and advise, from design and consultancy, to project manage all of your biogas and biomethane needs.



The gas-to grid process:

gas to grid

Schematic source: DECC – Biomethane into the Gas Network: A Guide for producers


N-ergy’s team of renewable energy experts in the gas-to-grid field, will take you through, step-by-step all of the regulatory requirements, latest technologies in biomethane production, as well as advising on the financial incentives available for renewable methane (gas-to-grid) used to generate electricity for heat, power and transport. The Government is committed to supporting investment in key emerging technologies in the renewable energy sector.



N-ergy’s renewable energy consultants provide you with trusted professional services to help you navigate the whole framework of your gas-to-grid project requirements, assisting with everything from sourcing your licensed gas shipper to confirming pipeline capacity.



For expert advice and up to the minute resources, speak to one of our renewable energy consultants for all of your gas-to-grid needs.

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