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N-ERGY Solutions is a leading electrical contractors in Doncaster. Our Electrical contractor team undertake work from commercial, retail, industrial and Local Authority in Doncaster, Leeds, Bradford, Harrogate, and York, nationwide and worldwide.


electrical contractors doncaster

Our electrical contractors have a superb reputation in Doncaster. The N-ergy Solutions team delivers on large or small projects and we are power generation and industrial installation experts in Doncaster.

Take a look at some of our electrical contractor services in Doncaster:


Doncaster Industrial Installations

Whatever the size or scope of your electrical installation project in Doncaster, whether it’s a brand new project or a full building rewire, we have the right team electrical contractors to suit your needs.


Doncaster Power Generation

N-ergy Solutions electrical contractors work with large manufacturers installing power plants, such as Cummins, Caterpillar and GE. Our expertise of electrical contractors in Doncaster covers all forms of power generation from CHP to diesel generators.


Doncaster Renewable Energy

We are market leaders in renewable energy, providing complete solutions in all aspects of renewable energy, from wind power and solar power to bio-methane injection and so much more.


Doncaster Generator Package Builds

We have developed custom generator packages for our Doncaster clients to ensure that there is never any downtime on your project or in your business, giving clients 100% peace of mind. Find out what works for you.


Inspection and Testing in Doncaster

With highly qualified electrical contractors in Doncaster, you can be assured that our testing and inspections will mean your business or project is safe and well maintained in accordanceto current regulations.We offer witness testing for your peace of mind.All of our work in Doncaster electrical contracting is in accordance with British standards.We are NICEIC approved, using only the highest quality materials.


Commissioning in Doncaster

Our team of electrical engineering specialist can carry out commissioning of any power-based generation plant, from load banking to commissioning biomass plants.


Everything Else

We complete civil and mechanical installations with our dedicated engineering teams in Doncaster. N-ergy Solutions electrical engineers will can carry out any form of work on your industrial power project alongside now matter how complex or demanding, as well as beingthe go-to electrical contractors in Doncaster.


Is your Doncaster business or project safe? Or does your Doncasterbusiness need a rewire? Have you noticed faulty wiring, a burning smell, lights flickering, fuses tripping?


If you have any issues or concerns about your building or project, contact our electrical contractors team in Doncaster today for an electrical inspection and/or rewiring assessment.


N-ergy Solutions electrical engineering team has the most professional electrical contractors in Doncaster.  Our industry specialists are on hand to advise and cater to a varied range of industrial, commercial, retail and public sectors. N-ergy’s up-to-date, innovative and industry recognized electrical solutions enables your business to modernize it’s electrical infrastructure. Our electrical contractors will future proof your business in Doncaster.


N-ERGY Solutions can survey your existing business and help to reduce your energy consumption, minimising your carbon footprint and lowering your energy bills. We can also advise on ways to generate income, for example:


Tap into government incentives like the Feed in Tariffs (FITs) and Renewables Heat Incentive (RHI)


Use your 1MW+ standby generators to set up a STOR or TRIAD project with the Na onal Grid and generate income from your assets.


N-ergy Solutions electrical contractors Doncaster are at the forefront of the latest emerging technologies, combined with our professional expertise we are able to provide our clients with the highest standard of service and electrical solutions in Doncaster, no matter how complex or challenging.


You are in safe hands with our electrical contractors Doncaster.


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