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03 Mar Effective Triad and STOR Management can improve your bottom line

At N-ERGY we look at how we can provide the most effective and efficient power solutions for our clients. STOR and TRIAD management not only help you make more money, they can also be a great way of saving money.

What is STOR Management?

Short Term Operating Reserve (STOR) is a source of reserve energy. During certain periods of the day, National Grid reserves power in order to be able to deal with demand being higher than forecasted, or energy being unavailable.

National Grid procures part of this requirement through STOR. Businesses can provide STOR by increasing generation or reducing their demand. As an incentive for businesses to provide STOR, the National Grid pays sites for being prepared to respond to STOR and for when STOR is actually delivered.

The requirement for STOR will vary depending on the time of day, whether it’s a weekday or weekend and the season. National Grid specifies periods in each day where STOR is required, known as availability windows.

A STOR provider must be able to increase generation or reduce demand for up to two hours with just ten minutes notice. You can provide this by having the right generator in place to cover the operations of your business during peak demand or if a power station fails.

What is Triad Management?

The Triad system is a great way for businesses to reduce their energy bills. When national demand for energy is at its highest during peak times, you switch off non-essential power and switch to standby generators. This reduces the demand on the National Grid and in return, you are rewarded with lower energy bills.

When managed correctly the Triad system can increase your bottom line.

Benefits to you

The National Grid has a need to reserve power and make provisions for unforeseen unavailability. You can tap into this need by becoming a STOR provider and investing in effective Triad management.

Both STOR and Triad provide excellent financial benefits by reducing your overall energy bills and by providing you with additional revenue. You receive payment for being a STOR provider and then additional payment when your energy is actually utilised.

There are also environmental benefits to utilising the systems. By sourcing additional energy this way, the National Grid is eliminating the need to build further infrastructure to cope with the demand. This also minimises costs for consumers as expensive infrastructure would ultimately be recuperated through energy bills.

Running your generators regularly gives you the opportunity to test at full load so you can have complete confidence in their ability to provide adequate back-up power.

N-ERGY provide full power demand management

Many businesses have untapped sources of revenue that we can help unlock. Your generators and CHP systems could be used to bring you extra income if managed effectively. This could also help you reduce your carbon emissions and increase your asset reliability.

STOR and Triad management can be a tricky process. If done incorrectly you could waste fuel and disrupt your business operations or put revenue at risk by being unable to deliver.

At N-ERGY we have the expertise and capability to implement and manage your STOR and Triad systems. We are accredited project managers with specialist knowledge of renewable power solutions.

We can provide generators and back-up power systems for your business and utilise them to increase your revenue and save you money. We’ll take care of all the equipment and software and the operation can be managed remotely.

Your business operations always remain the priority so your essential power needs will be met first before providing any reserves for the National Grid.

At N-ERGY our mission is to deliver the most efficient and effective power solutions. You can be confident that we’ll always put your best interests first. If you would like to find out more about how you can benefit from Triad and STOR management then contact one of our expert power consultants today.

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