Case Studies

Welcome to the N-ERGY Case Studies section - providing an overview of just some of the project we have undertaken.

Pool Wharf AD Plant

N-ERGY has a solid experience working on Anaerobic Digestion (AD) plants. N-ERGY has supplied and installed Combined Heat and Power (CHP), electrical connections, pipes and non-contestable work for an AD plant in Hereford for Aqua Consultants. 

Haydock STOR Project

N-ERGY has provided project management and site management for designing and building capacity market power plant. The power plant is placed inside an existing building in Manchester with 8 MW capacity of gas reciprocating engines. The power plant is expected to supply the grid with energy for a duration of 900 hours every year. 

Milton Keynes Waste Recovery Park

With the big governmental push towards minimizing waste and landfills, Milton Keynes council sends its ‘black sack’ waste to Milton Keynes Waste Recovery Park. Amey, the constructor of the Anaerobic Digestor (AD) plant, treats the waste mechanically before placing it in the digestor to generate renewable energy. 

Cluster of Farms in Cumbria

N-ERGY provides maintenance contracts for Anaerobic Digestion (AD) plants in farms in Cumbria. AD plants are beneficial for farms in the UK as they serve as waste disposal and a source of renewable energy at the same time. Farms can get rid of animal waste in an environmental way and generate electricity that can be exported to the grid for a certain Feed-in Tariff (FiT) rate which makes an extra income for the farm. 

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