About N-ERGY

About N-ERGY

We’ve worked with clients in the UK and around the world on projects spanning hydro power, combined heat and power, wind power, solar power, energy from waste power, and bioenergy.

Our Experience

Our team of highly-skilled experts includes engineers, system designers, specialist project managers and energy consultants, all of whom are on hand to ensure your project runs smoothly and with the best possible outcome. We’re uniquely placed to consult on the UK renewable energy market, and can advise on all aspects of an energy project from business planning to witness testing.


Working With You

Across all these different power industries, N-ERGY are committed to the business needs of our clients, understanding your power and investment requirements and bringing your vision to life. Our team is tailored to you, providing the right level of service for any size of project and with one point of contact from start to finish. With a commitment to trust, reliability and exceptional service, we aim to deliver the highest level of advice, and the most effective power solutions to our clients.

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A Team of Expert Engineers

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